Salt & Pepper Shakers

Salt & Pepper Shakers
One of my favorite finds while on vacation in Pennsylvania

Not the store bought variety...

Not the store bought variety...
I loved the color of these beauties in a white bowl

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Just Been hangin around!

Hello To all my blogging buddy's!

I have been just hangin around...

These are some darling little summer dresses
I designed for my Emily Jean
Aren't they just the absolute cutest things? I know!
And fun to make too!
The pink one on the far right Emily calls it her princess Cinderella dress.
Oh how that makes a Grammy smile!

I thought it would be fun to hang them out on the clothes line to photograph.
Decided that they needed some flowers from the garden.

The white bloomers with pink trim and ruffles on the butt are my favorite
~Love me some ruffles on the butt! LoL!
Every little girl needs buttons, and bows to add simple charm.
Eyelet and seersucker~gosh what more could a girl need for summer dresses?
We have had a lot of sunshine as of late here which
made for a perfect day to take photos.
And the day I took these was just perfect! A wonderful breeze was rolling in through the trees.
I have been hangin around working in my garden, and organizing my fabrics and craft supplies. The "Big Project" is so darn close to being finished I can hardly stand it!
The bottom has it's final coat of clear.
And now just need to even out the stain on the bottom half and
apply a clear coat to it.
Sooo when that bad boy is finally done-expect to hear a very loud scream! Oh yea and of course I will do a post on it too! I have other photos of my fabric organizing I will get posted soon as well.
Hoping you all have a wonderful week filled with
plenty of Sunshine, Giggles, and Butterfly Kisses!
Love Ya!
Tam :)

Sunday, April 26, 2009

It was a wonderful weekend!

Look at how gorgeous these tulips are!

Saturday our family drove up to the lovely Skagit Valley for the annual tulip Festival.

It started out a bit rainy and cloudy but gave into a beautiful day after all. We first attended the flight show and that was amazing. The stunt pilots were very talented men that did some crazy, very impressive things in the sky!I didn't include photo's of that in this post because I had so many great photos of the flowers to share. I hope you enjoy them!

Did you see those pretty fluffy white clouds?

I love days like that!

And the velvety red tulips lying beneath like a cozy blanket.

I love the way the rows and rows of the tulips look.
It was interesting how every once in a while there will be one tulip that is a totally different color. Sometimes I feel like that odd flower out. I just don't always fit in.
The flower and I were one-LoL-kindred spirits.
Reminds me of Grandma's quilt with all
the different colors and textures.
There were also many variety's of Daffodils too.
Daffodils are such cute flowers and bring back great memories for me!
Aren't these next tulips interesting?
I Adore the contrast...
There's that one random,
different colored flower again...
The next variety was called Ice Cream.
Who would have thought of naming a tulip that?
I love how they are short and full and don't even really look like a tulip at all.
This next pretty pink is a favorite of mine-so delicate.
The gardens and fields at Roozen Gaarde were absolutely gorgeous! The work it must take to accomplish this- just imagine...
I totally dig on topiary they remind me of
a Dr. Seuss book. How fun is that? I know!
I was not able to get as many photos of the entire garden because there were a lot of visitors that day.
Plus it is hard to really do it justice.
But on the other hand it is so spectacular you really almost can't take a bad photo!
So many lovely layers!
More flower patch work-Sooo Pretty!
If you go to their website to order bulbs
they have some great deals.
You can visit them at
It was a very good day and we had a wonderful time!
I hope you all enjoyed it too!

Have a nice week and...

May warm ray's of sunshine kiss your garden!

~Tam :D

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

A few of my favorite old things...

Isn't this a pretty little beaded handbag?
I just love these sweet things that my Grammy gave me years ago. She used to give me things for keepsakes. Some items were to go into my hope chest. Does anyone still do hope chests? I think they are a special thing for a young woman to have.
I still have my anique cedar chest my Grammy gave me.
I am missing my dear Grammy very much right now.
But I am relying on my memories of her to get me by.
Sometimes I wish I could have just a little more time with her.
We do visit often in dreams.
And when I awake it makes me smile, because the dream felt so real.

Unfortunately for some reason I just couldn't get a good shot of this handbag and this photo doesn't do it Justice! It is is a satin brocade, gold on a off white. My daughter actually used this one for a dance when she was in high school. She loves vintage items like this.

The above tiny handbag is in a very fragile state. It is quite heavy and made of some kind of metal gold and silver beads. I really need to find the right person to properly identify and appraise this for me. The tag inside says made in Paris France. It is lined with satin. I wish I knew more about the history of this one. I have it on an old cigar box which I keep it wrapped up in antique hankies to store it safely for now. It is in need of being repaired as the threads on the sides are wearing out. But I just love it! Imagine the people and places though time these items have seen?

The fabric brushes above are another big favorite of mine!
I especially love the old gal smiling with her yellow cap!
Of course I don't use these, they are on display only.
I have many little treasures, and will be sharing more here and there in my post.

Oh and of course the little spring coat made from one of my vintage patterns I bought off of eBay. It is a size 18 month but looks more like a definite size 2 toddler of today's sizing. The pattern was a huge pain! It was not even correctly designed and I had to finagle my pieces to make them work out. The collar was not the right size at all! So I made a new collar which is fine by me. Now I just have to attach it and an interface piece with a Apple Creek Cottage tag. I am trying to find the right little vintage buttons to match. I think white would be good to match the collar and also for contrast. But I never really know until I find the exact right button for a piece. I don't always go for the recommended button size either, I just go with what feels right. I have gone through my button collection and didn't find anything suitable. So I will be looking on eBay and may even make a trip to the fabric store to purchase a vintage looking set of buttons. I think the coat is coming out pretty cute despite the problems with the pattern. I didn't do any embroidery like I was going to on the collar.
I may still add something, it just hasn't come to me yet.
I am also working on a little dress. I am hoping to have both completed soon. I want to get busy on a dress and blue gingham spring coat for my little Emily Jean!
I do still plan to have a give away sometime in the near future.
I have been working on some items for that-but you don't get to see them yet!
I will share them once I have them all completed and put together! It may take me a while so hang in there on that one.
I hope you all have a sweet week-and Thanks for stopping by and visiting me!!!
I look forward to hearing from all of you and will be visiting your blogs soon. Take care my dear blogging buddy's!
~Hugs & Smiles~

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Welcome Spring!

Isn't this photo gorgeous? I know I love fields that go on for what seems like forever filled with flowers like this! This is in the Skagit valley here in the state of Washington, but it looks like it could be in Denmark-eh? It is just a tad north of us and not a bad drive at all.

I just love living in the Pacific Northwest~

what a blessing it is to this L.A. Girl!

Every spring or I should say the month of April they have a tulip festival there. Each year of the almost ten years we have lived here I have said we are going to go, and then never make it! Last year winter drug on and on which meant a slow start for the tulips and a short season. This year I am going for Pete's sake!!! I can hardly wait!!! I will take photos to share of course. I know it is a few weeks away but I am so excited and I just had to share! I thought you might enjoy this photo since it is the first weekend (officially) of Spring-YaY!

Have a wonderful sunny weekend!



Monday, February 16, 2009

Oh just a lil something I stiched up last week!

I had a fun time sewing these little projects up last week,

take a look...

Emily Jean Loves Tinkerbell.

So I found this cute very soft flannel Tinkerbell fabric

and added rows of other fabric, pink trim and lace.

Of course I also had to add some pink rick rack and a bow...

I loved the bright green and pink colors and the way they all go together~Don't you?
Emily Jean likes it too!
And then there is this fun flower tote bag.
This is some more of my eBay fabric and trim.
[I love to buy fabric and trim from eBay!]
I still have to stitch the handle on.
I used a little of left over fabric to finish this off from the next project I am going to show you.
this flower tote is lined and has a zippered pocket inside.
A perfectly cute little tote that can be used for carrying your
on the go
~take with you~ knitting, crochet, or any craft project.
Maybe even a sweet book tote!
I thought it would be kind of cool to
add some buttons of different kinds to snazzz it up a bit.

A week ago Monday I made these sweet wash cloth's and towels for a baby shower Amber had to go to the next day.
Whew-got them done in a day!

It is hard to see how pretty they really were.

They were a soft blue with brown thread to match the fabric

I trimmed the edges out with.

That was some really cool fabric with a rick rack print in the same soft blue and brown stitches printed on it-I made bias tape with.

I used some of the extra bias tape I made

on the flower tote above.

Sooo before wrapping this little baby boy gift up,
I tied a pretty satiny brown ribbon into bows on top.

The photo doesn't do it justice
~I haven't been able to get used to my son's new camera.
But trust me it looked great and I hear the new mommy to be was very pleased! That made me a happy girl :D
Next...Easter be watching for a post on them and...
I hope you all have a wonderfully creative
crafty week!

Friday, February 6, 2009

How was YOUR week? And what do you all have planned for this weekend???

Look at how darling these vintage patterns are!

These are some of my current projects I am working on. Some are for my little granddaughter and others I will sell. The dress pattern above is Emily Jean's Easter dress! I am going to make this one very special!

The little coat pattern is cut and ready to sew, it will be lightweight spring coat, and then I will post it on

my Etsy shop.

I am sure you may have noticed I put my dolls and one of my aprons on there.

Perfect Valentine or Easter gifts for a little girl~


I will slowly be adding items on Etsy for sale as I complete them.

So if you or anyone you know are looking for something special and sweet for Easter check my Etsy shop first! :D

I am planning on making some more Easter baskets~so if anyone is interested in purchasing any please let me know~

I will be glad to taylor it to a boy or girl. Or if you would like a tag if it is a gift and you want it to say who it is from like I did for my granddaughters basket. Just leave me your email in a comment and I will get back to ya!

This cute little dress will be made and sold-

I am having so much fun with these sweet patterns!

This fun pattern will be for my lil Emily Jean for summer. I will make a few changes to the pattern and use some fun fabric too.

Boy this pattern brought back memories for me!
I just love the way these patterns look~
to me they are a peace of artwork!

I haven't cut these ones as of yet-looking for just the right fabric for them.

Again I might be altering the pattern just a bit...
I have some creative ideas swirling about my lil head!
I haven't been blogging much ~kind of been busy cutting, sewing and planning.
I jumped online and been able to hit a few blogs here and there to say hello,
in between life's interesting happenings. You all know how it is?
So sorry if I missed any of your blogs it was not intentional.
I have missed all of YOU blogger's out there~Just so ya know!!!
It has been a very nice week here weather wise-finally! Unusually warm weather, and I actually was able to open my windows to enjoy a soft breeze one day. Isn't it so strange because I know some of you are getting unusually cold weather.
One day we actually hit 60! People tend to put shorts on when it gets that warm around here in the Pacific Northwest~LoL~ This is were you will also see something I had never seen before that is until I moved here~socks with sandals! I know crazy huh?
At least to this Southern California girl it is!
I will also be having a giveaway soon!
I have been working on something for one of you lucky bloggers.
So keep on eye on this blog for more details...
I hope all of you have an awesome weekend!
I know I will~Tomorrow a trip to the salon for a pedicure and get my nails done-Hooray!!!
It has been a long week and this girl could really use some pampering.
I will get up somewhat earlyish
(I love to sleep in Saturday's LoL
especially when my husband is home so it won't be easy)
and hit the dreadmill-
I mean the treadmill so that I have my fours days in this week.
I usually do about 3.25 miles four to five days a week-fast walking with an incline
(the old lady is not allowed to run anymore).
I have been doing this routine faithfully since last May and only lost about three weeks due to illness. It is finally starting to pay off and I can see and feel a difference.
Plus I take care of my granddaughter everyday while my daughter works, trying to hold down the fort doing all those typical mom things,
and also make time for my lil projects.
This week I was never so happy to see the weekend come!
So my daughter and I will be relaxing at one of our favorite places to go
and it is so good for my soul too!
Amber and I really enjoy visiting with all the gals in the salon-
we all get a good chat in while checking out the latest fashion magazines and get pretty.
I just adore those girls at our salon-they are the best and they treat us like Queens!
Then if we are not too relaxed afterwards we will be off for some shopping...
at the fabric store maybe? :D
What will all of you be doing this weekend?
Much Love,

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Introducing the Apple Creek Cottage Kids!

Hello Sweet Blogger's!

I have been tagged by Candy at

and... Phyllis at

Thanks so much girls for thinking about me-I have been having fun getting to know these blogger's! You all should scoot on over and visit these gals!

I posted my 7 random things about myself on my other blog, please come on over and visit me there too! But first...

With Valentines Day just around the corner I decided to add this darling heart tucked into a tiny matching bag as I introduce to you my

Apple Creek Cottage Kids!

Remember the dolly's I talked about a few post back?

Well I am finally posting them!

I mean hey every girl has to have a hand bag right? :)
At first the girls did not have yarn hair -just felt.
I wasn't happy with that so I made dolly wigs and fixed that,added braids or a ponytail and tied some pretty matching ribbons in their hair.
Of course just as in real life...the boys are simple!
Each doll is a little different...

This sweet couple is about to celebrate Valentines day.
Do you see the Valentine he has in a fancy little bag for her?
She is trying to peek, shame on her!

These dolls are 8.5 inches tall.
And the dolls themselves were quite easy to make.

The girls have pantaloons on, trimmed in lace.

Each drees has a built in slip also trimmed in lace, and tiny buttons in the back.

The boys have rugged jeans and a cool plaid top. Forget shoes they are steppin out in bare feet-I am pretending they live in Southern California at the beach where the weather is warm and lovers run barefoot! LoL! Sooo go with me on that one!
These tiny clothes were such a challenge to sew and I never want to sew these again! LoL!
Ever have a project like that?
I didn't want to scrap it all together so I pushed my way though.
It was just the clothes I didn't like sewing, it's not easy to sew tiny clothes!
I have had them done for a while now, just waiting for me to photograph them and of course share with all of you in blogland.

They are purely my design and pattern from doll to clothes.
So this is it folks these cuties will not be made again! LoL!

If I ever do make dolls again they will be bigger and probably a different style too.
I have an idea for a more modern super fun design :D .
It will be a while before I get them done and posted.
But you know me I will share them with you!
This next couple are celebrating Easter.
Can't you just see these cuties in an Easter basket amongst colored eggs and candy? If you are like me I am always looking for something other then a ton of candy to help fill up the basket.

And how cute is the tiny stuffed bunny toy?
I know I really like it too! It was so fun to make!
Oh and of course it comes in a matching bag too!
The details of my crafts are what are most fun for me.
Here is a close up of the Easter themed~ Apple Creek Cottage kids...

And of course I had to blow up a photo of the darling stuffed bunny toy and bag.
What do you think???

Funny but the tiny bunny toy, heart and bags were one of my favorite things to make in this project.

Now of course I made extras for my sweet lil Emily Jean!

She just loves it when her Grammy makes something special for her!

(And these dolls are a nice size for little hands to play with.)

I loved the smiles and big giant hugs I got too!

Sorry the photos were not the best but it is the camera I have to work with.

I have some more very cool projects I am working on. I may have mentioned them before. I bought some sweet vintage patterns to make Easter Dresses and Coats!Some fabric is already cut and ready to go.

I will do a post on them really soon, for sure I will post a fun teaser anyhow.

I think you will love some of my up coming projects,

of course they will have a twist and flare whenever possible~You know me!

I have so many ideas just swirling around in my head-can't wait to get them out!

When I have ideas or things I am working on I will actually dream about them until they are done. UUGGH -do any of you do that too???

I am going to get around to starting an etsy shop and also put items up on eBay as well. I just have so many things going on right now and time is not on my side!

I am also trying to decide on pricing, that's the hard part for me.

Anyhow...I hope you have all been enjoying a week of sunshiny smiles and livin some hopes and dreams baby's!

I know many of us are experiencing a cold snap-so stay safe and warm!

Thanks for all the wonderful encouraging comments-they all mean a lot to me!

Blog~On Kids!