Salt & Pepper Shakers

Salt & Pepper Shakers
One of my favorite finds while on vacation in Pennsylvania

Not the store bought variety...

Not the store bought variety...
I loved the color of these beauties in a white bowl

Saturday, November 8, 2008

You just have to check this out!!!

Okay go over to my other blog and see why I am sooo excited! Read my latest blog-"the coolest thing ever"
I am a happy girl!!! Hooray!

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Time for a little therapy!

Okay kids I am in a daze after the bad news delivered via the election last night! My poor little republican heart is broken and I am very concerned for the future of our sweet country. But we have to have the bad times to appreciate the good times. And at times there must be mistakes made to have a learning experience. It appears that the majority of America must touch the fire and get burned before they figure out ooppps that was a bad idea-live and learn!
So I'm going to just have to keep the faith! With hope and faith anything is possible.
The good news is I have my sewing machine back~ I love that machine! So I think I will go tackle one of my many, many sewing projects awaiting me. Nothing like a little time in my crafting room to relieve stress! It's the cheapest form of therapy. That and having a few laughs with friends.
My daughter has a friend who is expecting a baby boy so I need to get some cute gifts sewn up, or at least get something started. Lets see what I can come up with? I will post some pics when I get something completed.
Until then... Count your many blessings, and have a happy day!