Salt & Pepper Shakers

Salt & Pepper Shakers
One of my favorite finds while on vacation in Pennsylvania

Not the store bought variety...

Not the store bought variety...
I loved the color of these beauties in a white bowl

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Introducing the Apple Creek Cottage Kids!

Hello Sweet Blogger's!

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I posted my 7 random things about myself on my other blog, please come on over and visit me there too! But first...

With Valentines Day just around the corner I decided to add this darling heart tucked into a tiny matching bag as I introduce to you my

Apple Creek Cottage Kids!

Remember the dolly's I talked about a few post back?

Well I am finally posting them!

I mean hey every girl has to have a hand bag right? :)
At first the girls did not have yarn hair -just felt.
I wasn't happy with that so I made dolly wigs and fixed that,added braids or a ponytail and tied some pretty matching ribbons in their hair.
Of course just as in real life...the boys are simple!
Each doll is a little different...

This sweet couple is about to celebrate Valentines day.
Do you see the Valentine he has in a fancy little bag for her?
She is trying to peek, shame on her!

These dolls are 8.5 inches tall.
And the dolls themselves were quite easy to make.

The girls have pantaloons on, trimmed in lace.

Each drees has a built in slip also trimmed in lace, and tiny buttons in the back.

The boys have rugged jeans and a cool plaid top. Forget shoes they are steppin out in bare feet-I am pretending they live in Southern California at the beach where the weather is warm and lovers run barefoot! LoL! Sooo go with me on that one!
These tiny clothes were such a challenge to sew and I never want to sew these again! LoL!
Ever have a project like that?
I didn't want to scrap it all together so I pushed my way though.
It was just the clothes I didn't like sewing, it's not easy to sew tiny clothes!
I have had them done for a while now, just waiting for me to photograph them and of course share with all of you in blogland.

They are purely my design and pattern from doll to clothes.
So this is it folks these cuties will not be made again! LoL!

If I ever do make dolls again they will be bigger and probably a different style too.
I have an idea for a more modern super fun design :D .
It will be a while before I get them done and posted.
But you know me I will share them with you!
This next couple are celebrating Easter.
Can't you just see these cuties in an Easter basket amongst colored eggs and candy? If you are like me I am always looking for something other then a ton of candy to help fill up the basket.

And how cute is the tiny stuffed bunny toy?
I know I really like it too! It was so fun to make!
Oh and of course it comes in a matching bag too!
The details of my crafts are what are most fun for me.
Here is a close up of the Easter themed~ Apple Creek Cottage kids...

And of course I had to blow up a photo of the darling stuffed bunny toy and bag.
What do you think???

Funny but the tiny bunny toy, heart and bags were one of my favorite things to make in this project.

Now of course I made extras for my sweet lil Emily Jean!

She just loves it when her Grammy makes something special for her!

(And these dolls are a nice size for little hands to play with.)

I loved the smiles and big giant hugs I got too!

Sorry the photos were not the best but it is the camera I have to work with.

I have some more very cool projects I am working on. I may have mentioned them before. I bought some sweet vintage patterns to make Easter Dresses and Coats!Some fabric is already cut and ready to go.

I will do a post on them really soon, for sure I will post a fun teaser anyhow.

I think you will love some of my up coming projects,

of course they will have a twist and flare whenever possible~You know me!

I have so many ideas just swirling around in my head-can't wait to get them out!

When I have ideas or things I am working on I will actually dream about them until they are done. UUGGH -do any of you do that too???

I am going to get around to starting an etsy shop and also put items up on eBay as well. I just have so many things going on right now and time is not on my side!

I am also trying to decide on pricing, that's the hard part for me.

Anyhow...I hope you have all been enjoying a week of sunshiny smiles and livin some hopes and dreams baby's!

I know many of us are experiencing a cold snap-so stay safe and warm!

Thanks for all the wonderful encouraging comments-they all mean a lot to me!

Blog~On Kids!


Sunday, January 25, 2009

Just somethin to blog about...

Another recycle project-ubber easy to do!
Looks like just a cut out pocket from a pair of jeans,
but oh no it is so much more!
At least it can be if you think about it.
Do I have your wheels turning yet?
Well scroll down and I will explain...

We got my son a nice camera for Christmas. I didn't think to buy a case for it at the time-silly me! The other night he was going out and wanted to take his camera. Like my kids always do he comes to me and says "Mom I need a case for this what can you whip up for me real quick, I gotta leave in about 20 minutes?"
No pressure right? Like what I am suppose to just always know what to do, to "whip up something?" For cryin out loud! Darn Kids! Actually I am glad they think I can just do that for them in a snap. Someday I might not be able too. I am quickly becoming old and feeble ya know-LoL!
So anyhow take a look at what I came up with in a hurry...

I grabbed a piece of black felt and make a pocket. Of course it couldn't be just plain-so I added his initials. I decided to use contrasting thread and not turn it out. I figured he would need something to safely clean the lens so I used a piece of white flannel for that.
Zig zagged the edge so it wouldn't ravel and put wipe it so he would have no doubt what it was for. Lol!
This was a fun little project to come up with in a pinch
(usual thing around our house).
I think it was a cool idea-what do you think?
Cool things about the pocket:
It was free, looks boyish enough for my son, he can tuck his phone
(and ID) in it too, there is even a metal ring inside the pocket to one side right under the flap (can't see it in the photo)that he can clip a strap to or even just clip to his belt if needed.
I had this baby done in about ten minutes.
My boy was happy and had just what he needed just in time! Whew!
He can be sooo darn picky at times so the fact that he liked it-Priceless!
I have some other uses for pockets so be lookin for them in up coming post~
You're gonna like themmmm!

So there ya have it kids...
Hope you all have a Smoookin Hot-Week!
Until next time...
Happy Blogging