Salt & Pepper Shakers

Salt & Pepper Shakers
One of my favorite finds while on vacation in Pennsylvania

Not the store bought variety...

Not the store bought variety...
I loved the color of these beauties in a white bowl

Friday, January 16, 2009

Some Vintage fun! And a sneak peak...

Aren't these old rick rack packages so cool? I have been hitting eBay and buying up vintage trims, patterns and fabric. Some of the fabrics are from the 60's and 70's, some are not. I have been trying to stock up my sewing stash. It has been really fun! I thought these old packages were so neat-I don't think I will throw out the wrappers they are just too fun!

Look at the prices marked on them-10cents, 19 cents-oh my gosh!

And look at the top there the wool for mending-that is for things like socks-which we don't darn socks anymore-well most of us don't! Well I do but not with wool-lol! Could be used to mend a sweater as well. But I thought the packaging was so cool!

These are just a few of the trims that I bought. I was so lucky to be able to buy over 100 yards of trim for a little over ten dollars-how cool is that? When I got the box in the mail it was like Christmas for me to open it up and go through all my trims!

I also bought some darling vintage patterns to make some little girl dresses and coats~perfect for Easter or even through summer! I have some cut out getting ready to sew them up-they are going to be sooo darling wait until you see them! Can you tell I am excited-I am! I truly enjoy creating!

And take a look at this trim package-it is my favorite one of the whole bunch.

Isn't Prudence absolutely adorable!

I am not ever going to use her trim! I think somehow I need to incorporate Prudence in my blog or logo or something. The perfect use for her will come to me in a moment of creativity.

But I fell in love with her the moment I saw her!

Take a look for yourself...

And here is a look at some of my sewing projects I have been working on.
I made a Valentines gift for my little Emily Jean.
A vintage style apron.
She always likes to help out in the kitchen so I though she would like that.
I made it a little big, that way she can use it for a long time.
I added some little touches like in the front there where it connects and the fabric criss crosses I put a little heart button. The pockets were not on the pattern I decided since I was making this for Valentines it had to have special heart pockets.
Which of course had to have rick rack trim, bows and heart buttons! I have made aprons like these in the past out of vinyl fabric. Those are great for messy craft projects with the kids!
My photos are not the best~I apologize for that.
It is so gloomy here and not much light to work with.
Plus I am trying to get to know this camera a little better. Hopefully I can improve and learn some tricks as I go along?

And then look what I did on the inside~something special for my girl~a tag with her name on it!
I love making these tags they are so fun! I have label software I like to use and then print them on printable fabric. You don't have to use a special program to make them though.
Sometimes I sew the tags framed with some cute contrasting fabric. So you will see more of these in my projects.
Isn't that little bird sooo cute?!?! I made a bunch of labels for my granddaughter over a year ago just to have on hand for my projects. I think she will like it.

This apron is another vintage style-pretty basic, but a lot of fun to make. I made this one to add to my stock of items for sale. I think it would make a darling Valentines gift for a little girl. It is a size 8. Both aprons are lined. I trimmed this apron out with rick rack, bows and buttons as well. I just love rick rack don't you?!?!

I bet you are wondering about this next photo huh? LoL! Well it is my sneak peak of my latest little projects. Guess what I am going to do with these items? Go ahead...come on now I want to hear ideas! I will give you a hint..."Easter" I love to use, re-use or recycle things whenever I can. I hate to be wasteful so I try to come up with ideas once in a while. I look at things and how they are currently being used and dream up new ways to re-use them. This was a fun one. These items no longer look like they do in this photo. And they sure came out cute! I am almost completely done with them, just a few more details. Then I will share them with you. So keep your eyes open for them!

Hope you all enjoyed my post today~I certainly had a blast with my lil projects!
Have a wonderful weekend...see ya around blogland!