Salt & Pepper Shakers

Salt & Pepper Shakers
One of my favorite finds while on vacation in Pennsylvania

Not the store bought variety...

Not the store bought variety...
I loved the color of these beauties in a white bowl

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Thank You! Thank You! Thank You!

I would like to Thank the Academy or oh no this is Blogland and um my good blogging buddy Pam over at tagged me! She has one awesome blog and what a sweet girl she is! Get on over there and give her a visit would ya-tell her Tam sent ya!!!

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If you have read my other blog I have been tagged a couple of other times and came up with some random things about myself. Well sadly that's not too hard to do LOL! I can always come up with something random about myself. I thought it might be fun to share random pet peeves this time maybe because the PMS meter is off the hook- along with the usual holiday stress helped me come up with that idea!?!?LoL! And I would love to hear some of yours too, so don't be shy share your pet peeve's -leave me a comment!

1. My kids have perfect aim if they want to throw something at each other in a fit of brotherly/sisterly love (not), or if they want to make a perfect pass for a touch down. But when it comes to throwing their clothes in the laundry baskets they always come up short! There's the clothes on the floor right next to the basket-Or they mix up colors with the whites! What's up with that? Just how hard is it I ask you to take one or two more steps and drop those things in the right basket?
Not to mention when the toilet paper runs out-OK yea you did get another roll out-take it a step further-go the extra mile- magnify your calling- actually put it on the hanger! Sheesh!

2. If something is on the floor that they can't see (yea right) somehow they manage to completely avoid it as they gingerly step over it! But when I say hey why don't you just pick that up? They say "huh-oh sorry didn't see it mom!" EEhhEmmm A yea okay.

3. When something can't be found-how come they always think I am going to know it's location? Must be my motherly uterus it's like a GPS-??? Do ya think-maybe? Lol!

4. When I am calling those darn kids (and the old guy too-he is my fourth kid) they can't hear a word I am saying-like when I need someone to take the trash out. But as soon as I go into the bathroom they think that is the perfect time to have a conversation with me for some reason?!?! What the? I just love how if the door is not looked they will waltz right on in like um I'm not in the bathroom or anything? Hello? And if the door is locked they say "mom what are you doing?" Hey kids big clue-I'm not in here washing my hands over and over again! For cryin out loud! I'll let ya know when I am done!

5. Okay to give my kids a break and because I really do love those little buggars. They really are great kids! So I will move onto anonymous people.
Stand in line shoppers? Gotta love 'em huh? NOT!

First of all they usually are the ones that happen to pick up their step walking or should I say jogging to beat ya in line- and it is 99.9% of the time the Cash Only-10 items or less line! And then they proceed to send a slow moving family member to run and get the last 5 of the 15 items they intend to purchase-with a check! Get a life folks-we don't look at you with that not so nice you gotta be kidding look for nothin!

6. Middle aged guys who wear those darn flowery shorts and shirts with the shirt half way un-buttoned! Come on- you guys really don't think we want to see that no matter how short the line is! And when you are standing there in that get up trying to make small talk and flirt-really come on am I really going to find you attractive? UUGGH -please cover up that out of shape middle aged body of yours and don't bother me-please! I don't care what kind of pet you have or what you feed it! Get a clue Man! I am not going to tell you what sign I am and I do not need help out with my grocery's to my car! Gag!

7. I drive the speed limit You freakin fools-if you don't like it go around! I'll see ya when I pass you getting a ticket! LOL! And that has happened plenty of times-love it when that happens too! And hey don't yell at me " Hey-you drive like an old lady". "Bleep" You I am an old lady and this old lady drives the speed limit! Well I am a grandma after all so I guess that puts me in that category? Mu Mu's are starting to look pretty comfy to me with a nice pair of knee high stockings! LOL-just kidding that's not true!!! That will never happen!

Now you next batch of taggee's can make up your mind to choose whatever you want to post on for the random things. But do have a grand ole time with it and be creative!

Thanks for listening to my crazy randomness-hope you all have a wonderful -last minute shopping weekend before Christmas! I'm going shopping-so be on the look out for a bloated old grouchy-middle aged grandma- lady with a swift movin shopping cart! It's probably just me-throw some chocolate my way and I might spare ya! Oh hey my hubby just brought me some homemade chocolate pudding-smart man!
Gotta go for now-blog on! TaM! :)
P.S. If my blog was awful, possibly offended someone- you are sick of getting tagged maybe you are fed up and feel the desire to throw shoes at me-
a simple request-size 10 Jimmy Choo anything! LOL!
OOPS Oh yea I need to post my Taggee's...
A thoughtful blooger buddy...
Thanks for playing along! Many Holiday blessings!


  1. This is a wonderful place to visit. Thanks for sharing I've added you to my favorites!1
    Cindy in Wisc.